It has smelled   summer, it means  it has smelled   sea  and  none  resists   to diving and playing with the sand .The beach  of Aigeas  with  the thin, golden sandy beach   completes  the summer journey of every  visitor. Waters   move in three  hues, succeeding  the one the other. An image  clean and blue , which  gives to   the  eye  the potential of reaching  beyond  away.

  Aigeas  Camping offers an organized beach   with  comfortable  chaises   and umbrellas , where one  can enjoy   his  coffee or  drink , while  at the other part of  the beach, there is  space  ,for those ,who wish  to  relax , not  organized though. Furthermore, at the beach   there is   beach volley  and beach football, for those who want  to engage  in activities.

   The huge palm trees which there are   along the  seaside   , arouse   a special interest . In the afternoon, when the light of sun begins  to fall, the  different   colours of  the  sunset are formed  in the  sky. So, a nice idea is that you   go  on the  beach   and travel  by looking at the sunset.

The abilities  in Aigeas Camping  are  many!!!