Reservation Terms

The reservation form is an application for reservation and there is no commitment from your side or the Aigeas camp personnel.

Your reservation is valid only after an advance payment of the 20% of the total amount or other amount that will be agreed upon with the person in charge for the reservations is made.

The advance payment should be proven by a fax or e-mail  of the bank deposit note.


IBAN : GR16 0171 4150 0064 1514 3520 975



No reservations may be made for particular positions or caravans.

Your position will be available at 16:00 , unless it has been made vacant earlier.

Handing over your position, as well as the closing of your account should be performed until 12:00 maximum. Otherwise, you are charged with an extra night-stay.

Pets are accepted, however under conditions. In any case that they may cause problems (annoying woofs, excrements or in case they get around freely), this will be a reason for the reservation to be cancelled. No dangerous species are allowed.

Please receive information on the general Camping site operation regulation. The business management retains the right to discontinue your stay, in case you do not respect the regulation terms.

The continuation of your stay is not always feasible. The Aigeas Camp personnel are not in the position of guaranteeing that the customers will remain at the same position, no matter how much effort will be made.


In case of a reservation cancellation, the advance payment is returned to you only if the cancellation has been performed 20 days before the scheduled arrival date.

In case of a reservation cancellation in less than 20 days, you are charged with the 50% of the advance payment amount.

In case of a reservation cancellation during your stay, you are charged with the 50% of the rest amount for the time period you have stated.