Our aim is to provide the best possible services for all campers via the camping’s efficient function. 

During your stay you can enjoy various supplies but you should also respect the regulations. 

The camping’s manager has the legal authority to send away any campers that may cause trouble. 

You admission as well as your stay at the camping naturally presupposes the acceptance of the following rules: 

All campers should hand in to the reception their passports as well as their identity cards, until the moment of their departure. 

The reception should be informed on time about any changes that concern position or people number etc. 

All positions are provided with 220V voltage. The campers are totally responsible for electricity reception at the tents. 

The campers are responsible for their personal items. The camping has no responsibility unless it undertakes to guard items. 

Visitors can stay at the camping provided they hand in their identity cards and inform the manager. They can stay free of charge for 2 hours.

If they stay more, they have to pay for the daily stay. In case the reception isn’t informed by the campers or the visitors, the camper is automatically charged. 

Visitors are only allowed to use public places such as café, restaurant, mini market and the cafés W.C. during their stay. 

Only the camper’s vehicles for which they are charged are allowed to enter the  camping, provided that they move around  at a pedestrians’ speed. 

Everyone is obliged not to disturb silence during the following hours ( 24:00 – 08:00 ) 

Campers should instruct their children to remain silent during the demonstrated hours (e.g. not move around on their bikes purposelessly etc.) 

The gate is closed for vehicles from midnight to 08:00. Any campers that would like to leave before 08:00 are obliged to leave  their cars outside before 24:00 the previous day. 

TV’s, CD-players and musical instruments are allowed on the condition that they operate in a low voice. 

Parents should pay attention to their children and make sure that they conform to the regulations and not disturb campers. 

Washing of clothes and utensils is only allowed in the determined places. 

On the departure day, the position should be released at least till 12:00 or you’ll be charged with an extra day. 
The camping reserves the right after 12:00 (departure hour) to enter the accommodation or remove the tent from its place.


Car wash into the camping

Destruction of facilities

Microwave ovens, washing machines

Interference in any kind of facility such as electricity, water supply, drainage.

Removal of any of the camping’s items from its position.

Fire ignition on the Camping’s ground or at the beach.

Pollution of the place in any way.

Free circulation of dogs.