About Pets(Domestic Animals)Demonstration of their health card is necessary as well as a copy that will remain at the reception during your stay,at your arrival.

They are not allowed to dive into the sea(According to articles 230 and 91 par.2 of the general regulation of Port Pireaus-bathing of dogs into the sea is forbidden. However,a bulletin of 2006 clarifies that this limitation is not in effect for remote or deserted beaches with a few or no swimmers.It's obvious that as long as the beach isn't organised or crowded,dogs can enjoy the sea and unlimited endless water games with their escorts.

They are allowed to walk around into the camp only on leash with an escort and there has to be care for their droppings. Their stay into the rented accommodation is only allowed into (transportation bags?)or at the yard. They are not allowed to enter the camp's shops except for their yards only on leash. They are not allowed to dive into the pool.