Common Areas

  Aigeas Camping  is correlated    with  the spirit  of  ecology. Also, whoever lives near the nature,  should  care  and respect  the environment.

 The new ecological  establishments of Aigeas  convert   this  desire  to an act. Using  exclusively   the  solar energy , there is  always  warm water .Simultaneously ,the staff, who is responsible  for  cleaning , take care  that  all places always  remain  clean and  attended .

  The facilities  of the Camping   consist   by a complex  of buildings , which includes: a place for cleaning  the domestic appliances, a  building   for the cleaning of  your clothes   with  electric  laundry or  cleaning  by  the hand ,two  buildings  which   host  the men-& women shower and two buildings  , which  host  toilets, one behind  the  area of shops and  one  complex of buildings  of the campers.